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Knowing this rite of passage had been calling to me for years, I surrendered to waiting for the right wise medicine woman to be shown to me. I entered into ceremony with intentions of releasing deep PTSD & expanding my heart to come back to my true self. When Paije welcomed us into her home I knew spirit had led us to the right place. Never experiencing plant medicine before, I immediately felt that she was capable of guiding me through what my journey needed to be. My journey was not pretty, there were moments of feeling out of control, but I quickly realized those were the things inside of me I was ready to let go and release. She held sacred space and directed me back to myself. When I finally let go... my re-birth was pure bliss. I have never been more aligned with my dharma and self since my journey. I am so grateful for Paije, her wisdom and our sisterhood that took place that sacred day. I would recommend her to anyone.
— L, 2019
I recently had Paije do my natal chart and at the time time I thought it would just be something fun to have but was skeptical about getting any deep insight into myself. When I listened to her breaking down my chart and explaining everything I was blow away. I cried I gasped I laughed and by the time she finished I felt like she knew me better than I knew myself (I know that sounds so cheese ball but it’s true!) I’m naturally super skeptical but Iv gained so much insight and a genuine spark for astrology from Paije!
— LINDSAY, 2018
I am reluctant to admit needing spiritual guidance or acknowledging others ability to help me walk my path. It is, however, undeniable that Paije holds space in perfect love and perfect trust. Absolutely nothing less. Paije lets you feel your elation in your own power, she holds you (in whatever fashion that takes) when you’re working through and is simply there in any way that you need her during your periods of processing. From meditative preparation and setting of intention to awakening to what is truly there, Paije curates a strong space filled with love and implicit understanding. I look very forward to more ceremonial work with Paije and diving into a personal integration plan with her guidance and expertise. Now more than ever we need to be self healing and working to rediscover the love inside of us. This world can be a much better and more cohesive environment if more people were able to hold such a role as Transformational Doula. Working in ceremonial space with Paije is truly a deep and profound experience that I highly recommend.
— SHAKORA, 2018
The decision to invest in one’s self is essential. When I chose the path of a spiritual journey, Paije was highly recommend to me. Paije was able to clearly explain to me exactly what work I would be doing. And during my experience she bravely held space for me while respecting any boundary I may have needed. Therefore I was able to go deep inside myself and see my light shining so bright. A part of me has awakened for ever, and I am never turning back. I can enjoy this gift for the rest of my life. I will definitely be seeing Paije again and I will confidently refer any of my loved ones to her.
— ANNIE, 2018
My experience with Paije and Fletcher is one that I will cherish forever. During our ceremony, their combined energy brought me so much comfort. Paije’s female energy and voice were tender and guiding, while Fletcher’s male energy was safe and grounding. Together they led me through such a beautiful and healing experience. They are knowledgeable, professional, and allow for complete openness. I could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you Paije and Fletcher! I look forward to learning and trying more of the services you offer in the future. So much love!
— GRACIELA, 2018
If you’re lucky enough to meet Paije and experience her offerings you’ll be blown away by the knowledge you’ll take from your experience. Yes, she is a great guide but she’s also good at knowing when to let you dive into yourself without interrupting the process. She truly loves her work and when she makes space for you she is truly there. I’m a skeptic when it comes to nearly everything and with Paije I feel at ease and truly enlightened. She puts her everything into her offerings and provides the most sacred and welcoming space.
— AMANDA, 2018
I had the opportunity, offered to me by Paije and Fletcher, to participate in my own private ceremony designed just for me. It was a true blessing. I was able to let go, trust and allow Paije and Fletcher guide me through my journey, to hold space, without any expectations or judgement. My experience was up to me. I learned so much from both Paije and Fletcher. They are guided by their own wisdom and want to share the gift with others. A true gift it is.
Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel for Paije and Fletcher and their impeccable guidance during my first ever private medicine ceremony. Their professionalism and compassion made me feel instantly safe. Upon my arrival I was greeted by the other seekers participating in the ceremony and we connected as if I had known them my entire life. Once my ceremony began I felt completely at peace and ready to receive. The ambiance was perfection - music, sage, mediation - I melted away. When I came back to earth the first thing I saw was Paije, she was the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever seen. Her nurturing smile and nod was one of such understanding, like she knew exactly where I had been. Never in my life have I experienced such an incredible feeling of surrender followed by so many gifts in the form of love and warmth. I love you both and I know i have been thanking you ad nauseam but it’ll never be enough.
— ALISHA, 2018
Paije is truly a gentle presence. I felt an ease and openness in the space she created during our reading. She is not only a skilled listener, but also offers thoughtful insight to the human experience. A spiritual seeker, she serves as a fresh reminder that personal transformation is within our power. Paije is gifted in giving others permission to sit in their truth. Thank you, Paije.
— BALI, 2017
Going in to the epic journey that was my labor, I was very afraid. My whole pregnancy I wanted to be calm, cool and collected; I just wasn’t that mom-to-be. Most things made me nervous and I had a lot of self doubt. At every turn, Paije was there to ease my worry. She was a large part of my strength and backbone through out my pregnancy, even when she didn’t know it. I turned to her for her own personal experience as a mom, as well as her knowledge in the birth field. She stood by me for the entire 30 hours of labor and the exhausting 3.5 hours of pushing, carrying me both emotionally and physically. She’s very in tune and tapped in; she often knew exactly what I needed before I did, but always let me lead. During the most intense moments, she was the guiding voice letting me know I could get through it. When words weren’t enough, she gave me physical support. At times she applied all of her body weight against my spine for minutes at a time, because it eased some of the back labor pain I experienced due to my son’s posterior position. Most importantly, Paije made me feel safe and supported. Her energy was exactly what I needed to ease me through the most difficult parts of labor and the postpartum period. I love her so much, and I’m so thankful I had her with me for the birth of my son.
Paije West is a remarkable woman. As an individual who has experienced many different styles of readings with many others, I can comfortably say I’ve never felt such ease and relaxation from a reading as I did with Paije. Her intuition is beyond what I’ve experienced in connectivity before. She gave clear statements and interpretations that grounded me. While I typically look to the tarot for relaxation Paije made my experience therapeutic. I feel as though her energy and intention in her line of work shine brightly. She was informative and up lifting. I find myself recalling her advice frequently and highly recommend her to anyone searching for a deeper connection with themselves.
— ELISE, 2017
There is a lot to be said about this magical lady Paije West. This woman is an actual empath, spiritual guide, doula and most of all a genuine friend to anyone she meets. She treats each person with a curiosity and drive to understanding their past, present, and possible future experience as if it were her own. You can feel her excitement and dedication to this process. Paije does this merely by being herself, but in the last few years has truly implemented her gifts into something that has deeply helped people around her. One of her strongest gifts is channeled through tarot reading. As open and spiritual as I am, I am also a skeptic and had never actually put too much faith into these types of tools, viewing them as more of an interesting hobby. After meeting Paije and having my first reading with her, my heart was split in two; in the best way! She had me tearing up and gently, intuitively broke down my walls through just pulling cards and guiding me through their meanings. She has such an intrinsic way of delivering information to the person, as if it is just a message from the universe and she is solely the oracle messenger. Paije does this with out prying or forcing the client to share more than they are comfortable with. The cards are like friends to her, each one holds a value wether its positively speaking or something to ponder on. She also holds an authentic respect for her higher powers and waters her own spiritual garden, pulls cards everyday for personal exploration, which to me really shows by how right on and fruitful her tarot readings are. If you have the pleasure of sitting down with this guru, I can guarantee you wont regret it.
— KENDALL, 2016
Paije is amazingly in tune. The cards are the cards, but her intuitive gifts help her to connect their meaning to your situation. She is compassionate and loving in a way that can only come from many lifetimes of giving to others. Thank you Paije for helping me confirm and validate what I need to, to move forward in my life.
— TRISH, 2016
In my time with Paije, I have come to regard her as a close friend, but also as resource. She is ripe with positive energy, which stems deep from within her mind, traverses through her soul, and flows out through her heart. Paije is effortless in directing this vital energy towards whatever stands in her path. Whether it be her serious dedication to refining her craft, or light heartedly celebrating life’s many mysteries over a glass of wine with friends, Paije always comes collect, bringing with her an unmistakable ability to engage with her world full force. The resource I have found in Paije is one that is centered around that contagious energy. In a world that is cluttered with superfluous distractions, she is someone I can look to when I yearn for a grounding influence. Often times this will take place in the form of a tarot reading, or even going over my natal chart, where we can work together at unveiling aspects of myself that remain slightly tucked beneath the surface. Readings are always specialized, thorough, yet relaxed. Being the dynamic Gemini she is, Paije offers a multitude of special abilities to us through her presence. Whether it be offering care or guidance as a doula, or serving as a connection to the divine through her readings, Paije embodies what it is to be a helper, healer, and truth seeker. On a personal note, I have watched Paije navigate the peaks and valleys of her own journey, all the while taking cues from her on what it means to be a woman who rises to the action when faced with life’s challenges. Encountering conflict and struggle is often when I first start to hide those ‘beneath the surface’ aspects of myself. Paije, however, has shown me how stay receptive, utilizing even difficult experiences as a means to learn more about who I really am. This may be one of her qualities that resonates most deeply with me. Paije is real. Paije is candid and open, about all parts of life, even the dark parts - even her own. The ability to be vulnerable is what I believe to be part of Paije’s intrinsic magic. Her spiritual nakedness fosters a sense of security between herself and others, as the only rule is simply truth. By being a shining example of strength and sensitivity, Paije teaches us without words, the immense power that comes with owning your experiences, no matter what.
— KATRINA, 2016
I was a skeptical Capricorn when I first sat in front of Paije and her cards. I was quickly enthralled with her in-depth, heartfelt, and thorough reading. By the end of my first experience with Paije and her insights I was warmed from within. She is empathic, connected, and cares deeply for all of her clients. I have since sat in front of Paije and her cards in some of my darkest times, and finished our session feeling healed, calmed and enlightened. I put full trust in Paije and so admire her ability to take on the weight of others emotions and guide them toward clarity.
Paije, I want to thank you for the card reading you gave me. It’s apparent to me that you have really put your soul energy into understanding the cards and how they present. I feel so fortunate to have you read mine for me; you are thorough and so loving. You confirmed for me that I’m on the right path and direction, I think that’s what matters the most to me. Life can really get scary when one forgets to Love above all. Your reading was profound, intense and very meaningful for me. Thank you for the energy you bring to the table.
— CASSIE, 2016