In the space of integration an opportunity arises to combine work with sacred medicine and ritual to create a fresh and illuminated way of being. Through the intentional use of spiritual medicine and plant teachers, you can begin to explore inner realms, reconnect to the way of nature and learn how to fully express all that you are through creativity, movement and daily practice.

Whether we have spent time together in full immersion healing or have never exchanged energy, exploring micro dosing can be an invaluable tool to work with in realigning the mind, body and spirit.  If you are new to interacting with plants as a tool for growth and healing, sub-perceptual doses are a potent and profound energy to work with.  For the more familiar seeker, this is an opportunity to explore all of the nuances earth provides us with and gives us an invitation to consider a more interactive way of walking the path.

If you are feeling disconnected or have desire to delve deeper into source and visionary thinking, there is a way to navigate shadow terrain with new vision and expression.  In this personalized program, I will provide you with intuitive guidance as you explore earth medicine on a day to day basis and create exercises specifically tuned to you, while honoring your own processes. 

Through micro-dosing and integration, together we will find the right balance of tools for you remember and honor your highest expression.

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  • Medicine for a three month period
  • Biweekly meetings in person or remotely
  • Intuitive guidance and intention setting
  • Guided meditations and written exercises
  • Clearing and rebalancing
  • Commitments to realigning your daily rituals
  • Yoga and movement
  • Reading lists and exploration of new philosophies 

If you are interested in micro-dosing and integration support, please visit my contact page.